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Nails By Tammy is the one-stop home for excellent, quality pedicures in Colorado Springs, CO. Our signature pedicures simply rejuvenate body and soul in an affordable manner. We offer a variety of spa menu items to suit as many needs as possible.

Our highly trained professionals stay current with pedicure technology, applications, techniques, and products to make certain every customer receives the highest quality services possible. We recommend different styles, but leave it up to our customers to decide which one best suits the fashion needs and preferences of each individual.

We know that feet take a beating throughout the day. This body part is one of the most neglected around. Many people do not realize the importance taking care of one’s feet plays in one’s overall functioning until something goes awry. Our professional nail shaping has solved many foot issues related to wearing improper footwear.

Quality pedicures rely on using high-quality moisture to loosen up cuticles. Once loosened, our professionals can push back the cuticle to reveal toe nails. Our experts have years of experience in working magic on customers’ feet.

Consider having a foot massage as part of a pedicure package. We apply techniques that loosen and rejuvenate muscles in a comforting, relaxing, and beneficial manner. Many customers visit us monthly to experience the luxuriousness we provide.

Pay respect to your feet by having a professional pedicure done by the highly trained professionals at Nails By Tammy when in the Colorado, Springs, CO area.

Pedicures increase energy, mental focus, and provide so many benefits that always amaze our customers! See us now!

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